20 weird and wonderful ski resort facts

  1. Germany was home to the world’s first ski tow. The first ski tow was built in 1908 in Germany’s black forest. It was created from a tractor motor.
  2. New Zealand’s active volcanos include Mount Ruapehu, which offers three different ski areas and an abundance of backcountry opportunities. People have been injured by flying rocks in past eruptions.
  3. France’s Les Trois Vallées is the largest ski resort in the world. It boasts more than 600km of trails and 183 ski lifts that can transport 260,000 skiers per hour.
  4. Les Houches is home to the Mont Blanc Tramway, which travels between St Gervais, the Les Houches ski area and the Bioassonay glacier. It has been running since 1914.
  5. Bad Gastein is not only a ski resort, but it has massive pockets of Radeon gas, where you can travel 2km on a train down a mine shaft into caves and inhale the healing properties of the gases.
  6. Solden ski resort in Austria is known as the 007 resort, as the James Bond film, Spectre was filmed there in 2015.
  7. Obertauern is a purpose-built resort in Austria and is famous for its amazing nightlife. This began when the Beatles made part of their film HELP! there in 1965.
  8. Sierra Nevada is a very uniquely located ski resort. It is very easy to ski in the morning and spend the afternoon at the beautiful Spanish beach which is less than 2 hours from the ski field. You can also see Africa from the mountain.
  9. La Plagne has over 2.5 million skier visits per year, making it the world’s most popular ski resort
  10. There are over 2,100 established ski areas in the world.
  11. 48% of them are located within Europe.
  12. 75% of the world’s top 50 ski areas are located in the Alps.
  13. Japan has over 550 ski areas.
  14. Whistler is North America’s most popular ski resort.
  15. Breckenridge is the USA’s most visited ski resort.
  16. Hawaii has a ski resort…and it snows there.
  17. There are approximately 400 million skier visits worldwide every year.
  18. There are over 27,000 ski lifts in the world.
  19. The oldest documented evidence of skiing is found in the region of Norway and Sweden from primitive carvings dating back to 5000 B.C.
  20. The first recorded downhill skiing race was held in Sweden, in 1879.

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