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Getting Lit with Nitecore

Torches are so accessible these days. They’re cheap, easy to buy and if you were like me, I just saw the humble torch as a second thought… just something that you “Flicked On” when you needed a bit of light at the end of the day. Man was I wrong….

As I started getting more into the outdoors including some very hairy high country trips, I soon found out that not only do you need a good torch but you need more than 1 lighting option to not only see what you’re eating but to also get you back to camp safely to eat it!

Safety being the main concern especially scaling cliffs and bluffs in New Zealand required a lot more from my torch than my cheap $50 camp shop head lamp.

After a couple of really close calls on the mountains I decided to take my lighting seriously… real seriously to the point I now run a Nitecore 3 light system that not only varies for specific purposes but allows me to have back for up “just in case”.

Running a robust, multi-light system is essential. Not only for safety but for functionally as well. When trekking through the hills you need a more focal, direct beam. This allows you to see well ahead making the correct directional decisions and offering less unnecessary light to be thrown out wide impairing your focal vision.

On the other hand having a powerful, focal beam in camp and for your close up tasks can be a real pain… I mean STRAIN on your eyes. For these tasks you need a light with a wider beam to help light up the area and not put extra strain on your eyes. So with all that said here’s my Nitecore 3 piece lighting system designed to cover all bases!

Nitecore HA40

This focal beamed head torch is a must in the mountains. It throws out light in a focal stream up to 180 meters away giving you clear and concise visuals on all your trails. With minimal residual light escaping the main beam it really allows you to focus on your specific direction making sure you don’t have to backtrack due to poor vision.

Nitecore HC60

With its interchangeable rechargeable battery system, this head torch is the workhorse of my system. From setting up camp, cooking food or processing this headlamp throws out a mid-range beam suited for lighting up an area that needs your attention. I use this mainly for all close-up tasks and with 5 specific brightness settings, you don’t need to worry about burning your eyes out!

Nitecore LR30

The all propose lamp. Need I say more! The LR30 is a must for the stationary camper. With its magnetic backing and hanging loop you can easily mount this little lamp to do your bidding whatever the task. I often use it as the light in my tent and the light over my cooker. It’s easily bright enough to light up a camp and with Nitecore’s interchangeable rechargeable battery system it makes for a great companion to the HC60 So far this system has been extremely effective for all my needs in the outdoors Also I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the gear. Nitecore is a great option in my mind for a solid and reliable piece that gave me confidence in knowing my lights would work every time without fail and after giving them a proper beating over the past 6 months they’re still as reliable and bright as ever.

With these 3 in your pack you’re covered. Not only will you have the right light for the right job but you’ll have back up if you lose a light in a fall or if you run out of battery. I can’t stress the importance of good lighting and a smart lighting system. It will be the difference in getting you home in one piece!

Written by Luke Bara

Instagram – @the.alpha.human

Photos by Joel Volger

Instagram – @joelvfilm

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