1993 Film Cliffhanger to get a remake with a female lead.

Ana Lily Amirpour is remaking CLIFFHANGER with A Female Lead and a Jason Momoa cameo. The new film is set to debut at Cannes this year.

Director Ana Lily Amirpour (The Bad BatchA Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) and Producer Neil Mortiz will soon be headed to Cannes with a female-led remake of 1993’s Cliffhanger. (The filmwhere Sly Stallone uses a stalactite to kill a guy.)

Mortiz (best known for his work on the long-running Fast and The Furious franchise) has been trying to get a Cliffhanger remake off the ground for years, only to have a version finally come together with Amirpour directing and Sascha Penn (Creed II) writing the script. Although casting for this remake is yet unreleased, this version will have a leading lady in the Sly Stallone role, there’s also mention of a Jason Momoa cameo.

Renny Harlin’s 1993 Cliffhanger found Sly Stallone’s haunted outdoorsman squaring off against a group of terrorists who crash-landed an airplane in the Rocky Mountains, misplacing several cases containing millions of dollars in the process. Though Stallone’s character is initially tricked into helping these crooks track down their missing loot, he soon turns the tables and whips their asses up and down the mountain. It’s one of the best movies Stallone made in the ’90s, features a few truly excellent set pieces (including a nail-biter of an opening sequence) and has John Lithgow playing the main bad guy.

Anyway, gender-swapping the Stallone role is a fun twist, and it’ll be really interesting to see what someone like Amirpour (most recently seen directing episodes of Castle Rock and the new Twilight Zone) does with an action movie of this size. Of course, it’ll also need to find a home at the Cannes marketplace before we can start getting really excited, but…fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for more on Ana Lily Amirpour’s Cliffhanger remake as further updates roll in.

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