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This Guy Just Rode and Climbed Colorado’s 100 Highest Peaks, Self Supported and Non-Stop

Take 100 peaks between 13,800 and 14,500 feet. Add five bonus summits for good measure. Mix in 624 miles by foot and 1,720 miles by bike. Link it together in under 60 days, self-supported, and you’ve just beat the “Long Ranger,” Justin Simoni’s alter-ego, at his own game.

On Saturday, Justin Simoni finished an entirely self-supported and human-powered bikepacking and climbing trip that took him to the summit of Colorado’s 100 highest peaks—with an extra five summits along the way—in roughly 60 days and 15 hours. Over the course of his journey, he ascended 247,810 feet by foot and 136,374 feet by bike. That’s 72.76 miles, or enough elevation to get ten miles into outer space.


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