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The Shield S9 Case Boasting 3x millitary-grade drop protection

Whether you live a very adventurous life or are just plain clumsy, there is one thing you are well aware of, and that is it costs a whole lot of money to replace the screen on a broken phone. Keeping your phone safe when being adventurous could actually save your life in extreme circumstances, so it’s vital to make sure it’s protected at all costs.

Pelican’s range of phone cases for the new Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+ are an excellent choice for phone protection.

The cases are robust, but they are also lightweight and not as bulky as a lot of other sturdy “lifeproof” cases are. This Pelican case it tough. No matter how many times the phone is dropped on a trail or from a bike, the case just keeps on protecting.

Equally as effective on a job site as it is when you are rock climbing, the Pelican Shield phone case is definitely worth the money you pay for it.

An incredibly thorough research and development process led Pelican to design a range of streamline, lightweight cases that possess iconic Pelican toughness, without the bulkiness that characterises most robust phone cases on the market. Using sophisticated high-impact technology tested to stringent military standards, the Pelican range will protect your new device from the job site to the gym, and everywhere in between.

The Shield

Boasting 3x military-grade drop protection with five layers of protection, reinforced corners and shock absorbing shell.

The Shield

The Pelican Shield phone case is built for Samsung S9 and S9+ models, and constructed from Kevlar fibres providing 8x stronger than steel wiring, the Shield has earned its title. Five layers of protection, reinforced corners and a shock absorbing shell mean that your phone will be safe no matter what life throws at you. Specially designed, easy access covers keep dust and grit out of your charging and headphone ports when not in use without hindering function at all, meaning there’s no job too dirty for the Shield.


Boasting 3x military-grade drop protection, including 3x the drops from 3x the height and 3x stronger than MIL-STD 810G military testing mandates, the Shield is protected by Pelican’s legendary lifetime warranty. If it breaks, it’ll get replaced – forever.


Pelican Shield for Samsung S9 and S9+ RRP: $69.95

Available now via:

Others include:

The Pelican S9 and S9+ phone case range also includes the Ambassador , Voyager, Protector, Adventurer and Marine models, each to suit specific lifestyles but all designed with a few things in common; unparalleled toughness, incredibly robust construction and the backing of Pelican’s lifetime warranty.


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