Single? Great ways to ignore Valentines

For the singletons out there, there’s something deeply annoying about Valentine’s Day. It’s probably because you can’t go anywhere without having young love shoved in your face. It’s the worst, right? So, how on earth can you ignore Valentine’s Day and escape unscathed when you’re single?

Show Yourself Compassion

Call it your day of rest, and eat your favourite meal, buy in your most loved snacks, watch movies you love or indulge your hobbies. You deserve a bit of self-care and compassion.

Other Plans

Why not plan a day that has nothing to do with love or Valentine’s Day at all? Go see a play or a concert, try bungee jumping or skydiving or, head to a sporting event. You can invite a single friend or a family member, and just go out and enjoy yourself!

Single Friends Night Out

Round up all of your single friends and head out for a night out with the whole group. You’ll want to avoid restaurants because they’ll be busy and overpriced, but you can go to the movies, a comedy show or just hit the bar. Of course, you can also stay in as a group for a games night, barbecue or movie night.

Any Other Day

Want to shut it out altogether? Just go to work, clean your home, go grocery shopping, and just do the same on Valentine’s Day as you would do any other day. Who said it was Valentine’s Day? What even is it? Never heard of it, it’s just Thursday.

Secret Admirer

Instead of ignoring it, why not lean into the day and be your very own secret admirer? Yes, treat yourself to flowers and chocolate. You may even want to send them to yourself at work and get the office talking.


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