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Product Review: FlipRocks

Ok so sometimes when you hear about or see a really cutting edge product you tend to get a little bit excited yeah?

Well, I came across a product that is now available here in Australia, FlipRocks – Extreme Flip Flops. I suppose we call them thongs but when they come with Velcro attachable interchangeable grip pads they are Flip Flops.

On a serious note, I received mine 3 weeks ago and have not taken them off other than when going to bed. I have worn them casually, when out on my SUP and on a hike through the TIA and APSLEY Gorges in NSW. In fact, the pads are so easy to interchange and walk in and due to the construction do not hurt your feet when walking on a gravel or sandy patch.

The Water Trekker pads that I had on ensured no slip, even with a dodgy knee. The guys at have them in stock and available for immediate shipping. There is also a special discount code that they have kindly given us for all purchases made directly online, check out their ad in the mag for more information.

Oh, and did I mention the one unique feature of the FlipRocks which is unlike any other sandal/thong/flip flop out there? Well, it’s in the toe-guard design, anyone who’s ever kicked an onboard cleat or bloodied their toe on the rocks can appreciate that.

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