Paddle at Your Peak

Performing 100% at your peak is a difficult place to reach, no matter what your goals.From mental training to muscle building, injury prevention, stamina and endurance strategies, there’s hundreds of ways you can better yourself on a daily basis to become the best athlete you can be. If you’re a competitor or a hopeful competitor across any type of paddling sport, today is your day to be introduced to one of the best training programs available.
From foundation training to progressive training that increases your paddling conditioning, to increase volume and intensity, Paddle Power Trainer is the one stop shop for helping you become the most elite professional you have ever been.

Mick DiBetta has been a paddler from the age of 15, and has developed an excellent range of world class training programs to suit paddling events, from sprint racing to long distance events.

Mick has used proven scientific information gained from certification gained at The Australian Institute of Sport, from Olympic kayaking programs and used his race experience over many years to fine tune his training philosophy, which has been successful in varied paddling disciplines and race distances from Australian and World Life Saving sprint racing to BOP style SUP racing and long distance events.

With 30 something years’ experience developing and improving training methods for on water programs, Mick is excited with his innovation of the Paddle Power Trainer for off water training.

It’s scientifically and technically correct paddling motions develop the perfect paddling technique and build muscle endurance and anaerobic power. The Paddle Power Trainer is a necessary addition to compliment a well-designed on water training program.

A man who is absolutely passionate about coaching, that seeks to improve and refine his programs to allow users to receive maximum benefits and produce optimum performances is the guaranteed right choice when it comes to paddling training.

The off water training helps to maintain control of athlete’s emotions, like anxiety and anger in the face of adversity and to sustain attention on the competition, allowing the athlete paying attention to just the right cues like interval sessions and intensities zones to perform well.  The programs are also designed to build confidence when competing under pressure through a structured physiological training plan.

Starting from around $40 a month, these training programs, alongside your on-water training will be a sure fire way to see you well on the way to becoming the best you can be by reaching the goals you want to reach.

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