ONE LEG, ONE BREATH: 4X Paralympic champion Wojtek CZYZ attempts two CMAS WR in freediving, trained by Herbert Nitsch in Tahiti

The former athlete, founder of the non-profit organization Sailing4Handicaps, is attempting CMAS World Records for disabled athletes in two freediving disciplines as the first above-knee amputee without the use of a prosthetic leg.    

The attempts will take place in Tahiti, French Polynesia, on the 27th and 28th April 2019 in both the depth discipline of Constant Weight and the distance discipline of Dynamic Apnea. Wojtek will be using one single fin on his right leg during both attempts.
During the preparation phase, Wojtek CZYZ will be guided by his trainer and mentor Herbert NITSCH, “the Deepest Man on Earth“, holder of 33 freediving World Records, including the No Limit WR of 253m/830ft.

A few years ago, Herbert has been wheelchair-bound himself for many months due to severe decompression sickness. A dire prognosis was followed by a stubborn and long fight back.

Wojtek and Herbert’s motivation for this freediving pursuit is to inspire others (with and without disabilities) to explore their innate and extraordinary human potential. With Sailing4Handicaps Wojtek sails the world with his family onboard a catamaran to provide artificial limbs for those in need in developing countries.

The unique collaboration between the two champions is a promise for a great event and results.

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