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MQM Flex by Merrell

The popularity of wearing trail-running shoes for hiking has moved the footwear market towards lighter designs, and Merrell’s newest shoe in the cross-over lightweight category is their MQM Flex. It’s a combination of a trail running shoe and a hiking shoe which is very capable of performing well for both.

Putting on the Merrell MQM Flex, it’s immediately clear that it’s a very different shoe to the Hiker model. It feels like a trail runner, and the lightweight flexible soul is also thin and keeps you close to the ground.

Although comfort is not high on its advantages, it is one of the lightest hiking shoes on the market. Lacking slightly in downhill grip, it has a solid heel cup, and the mesh makes it comfortable on a hot day. The shoe is also available in a waterproof option which might be a better choice for wet areas.

Overall it is a versatile shoe that delivers enough protection and support for ultralight backpacking and day hikes.

We are excited to introduce you to Merrell’s NEW MQM Flex footwear.

Inspired by Athletes, but Made for You: The MQM Flex is Your New Favourite Mountain Guide

Merrell took on the improbable of introducing a new way to move in the mountains after a few of our athlete ambassadors came to us with a challenge: build a shoe that has never been built before. Inspired by professional mountaineers, the MQM Flex—which stands for “Moving Quickly in the Mountains”—is light and flexible enough to propel you up a mountain, yet stable and protective enough to allow you to charge back down. The shoes offer a secure fit with a Hyperlock™ heel, natural flex with bidirectional flex grooves, and serious grip with a durable, sticky rubber outsole.

The MQM Flex is a versatile shoe and serves as the bridge between a hardcore hiking boot and an ultra-­‐athletic trail runner, making it the ultimate hiking companion.

MQM Flex will be available in-stores February 2018.

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