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FPV-Power Kayak Batteries

With the ever increasing demand for bigger and better marine electronics on our kayaks, manufactures like Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird and others have plenty of mouthwatering fish finders and GPS’s to satisfy the needs of kayak fishers with new and more sophisticated models regularly hitting the market.

Battery technology has tended to lag behind making it necessary to carry a heavy and bulky power source for onboard gadgets a combination of both bulk and weight can effect the performance and paddle comfort of a kayak not to mention the effect of the added weight during launching and retrieving the kayak and the occasions where portage is required.

An innovative Melbourne based company by the name of Hobbyzone Australia specialise in the manufacture of power packs for radio controlled aircraft and have recently entered the world of kayak fishing with two purpose built kayak batteries marketed under the name of FPV-POWER.

The smaller of the two batteries is 12 volt 7 amp hour and the larger is 12 volt 17.5 amp hour and are totally waterproof and come with their own charger. Being Lithium-ion batteries they are only a 1/6 of the weight of an equivalent lead acid battery and physically much smaller. Lithium-ion batteries can also be drained to 10% capacity without harming the battery compared to 50% of a lead acid battery which means they only need be recharged every three or four trips depending on usage.

The advantages of these batteries from a kayak fishers perspective are blatantly obvious and will go a long way to making our sport much more hassle free.

For full specifications pricing and online ordering check out their website


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