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In a move that might seem paradoxical, a new survey showing that travellers are tightly attached to their mobile devices has spurred Intrepid Travel this month to unveil a collection of “digital detox” tours on which no mobile devices, computers or cameras of any kind are allowed.

Despite the potential benefits of this throwback form of travel — ranging from making deeper connections with the local peoples and cultures to a greater sense of exploration — it remains unclear if or how many travellers would actually be ready and willing to detach from all their devices.

We live in a world where people feel naked without mobile devices and these days, most travellers are obsessed with whether WiFi will be available on their trips; they want to be assured they will have connectivity, whether to check work email or to post photos of a trip to social media, but that obsession is precisely the problem.

The research showed that we are trending in the wrong direction when it comes to technology and travel. People have admitted to missing out on important life moments because they’re too busy on their phones.

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