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Communication is the key to success.

That is the mantra according to the CEO of L & W Sports Communications Mark Langlands. “If you look at all the successful sports teams across the globe, it is the ones who communicate as a team with the coaching staff that excel.

When I first started the company it was because we needed a way to communicate with the referees and touch judges in rugby league games. Only the elite Australian Rugby league competition had communications equipment and it was too expensive for the lower levels of the sport to use. I quickly adapted my son’s walkie-talkie radio, added a doorbell switch for a push to talk button and a jogging style earpiece and L & W Sports Communications was born.”

That was in 1999 and there have been massive changes to technology and equipment quality. After years of successfully adapting commercially available radios, L & W Sports Communications were contacted to partner with Korean company Maytel to produce a full duplex radio. “We gave them the list of requirements for the best product, and the result was the RefAudio Pro.”

Now the number 1 radio in Australasia for sports such as rugby league, rugby, soccer and hockey, Mark started getting enquiries from business for commercial applications. “When we started looking at these different applications such as crane drivers, firefighters, and confined space work areas, it was apparent that there was nothing else in the market that had the hands free application of RefAudio Pro”.

The latest expansion for RefAudio Pro is into the adventure sports market. Mark explains, “I was contacted earlier this month by Charles Werb to assist him in the world record attempt with the Swoosh Snowsailer. They need constant hands-free communications between the boats and Charles had seen the radios in use with the Victorian rural fire brigade and felt that they would be ideal”.

“We were so impressed with the drive and determination for Charles and his team to achieve success, we came on as a sponsor for the team”.

“Charles was keen to point out that he felt there are hundreds of applications were RefAudio Pro can be used in the adventure sports market. He indicated that the number one priority in adventure sports is safety, and this is where we see the greatest benefit. Whether you are hanging off a cliff or mountain biking down a trail at speed, the ability to have constant communication with your team can be the difference between success and failure, if not life and death”.

Weighing only 87g and with a talk time of up to 8 hours on a single charge, RefAudio Pro radios are designed for the outdoors. Unlike other so-called “voice-activated” radios, RefAudio Pro is a full duplex radio that transmits and receives all the time.

Like having your own mobile phone network anywhere, RefAudio Pro allows up to 5 people to communicate constantly without missing a word with crystal clear quality with a line of sight transmission range of up to 500m. There are numerous headset configurations and harnesses to suit every application and the custom design team will ensure the best outcome, no matter what activity you are associated with.

The radios operate in 900MHz frequency so you will not get any interference and the encrypted transmission ensures privacy. The band is also licence-free with no ongoing fees.

Mark provides personal service and full product after sales support, so visit the website at or contact him directly at +61 427749882 or via email at

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