Aussie Snake That Eat Crocs : Olive Python Captured Eating Fresh Water Croc

An enormous water python has devoured a metre-long fresh water crocodile following an epic duel that shocked onlookers at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa, on Sunday.

And that’s not uncommon, according to University of Queensland snake expert Bryan Fry.

Mount Isa mother Tiffany Corlis captured the contest on camera, taking a series of shots that documented the huge snake’s assault on the croc.

She was near the lake having breakfast when canoeists, who witnessed the battle playing out, alerted her to the struggle between the snake and crocodile.

By the time Ms Corlis started watching, the snake had already coiled its body around the crocodile and was beginning to strangle it.

‘‘[The crocodile] was fighting at the start, so it was trying to keep its head out of water and survive,’’ she told ABC North West Queensland Radio on Monday.

‘‘But as the morning sort of progressed, you could tell that both of them were getting a little weaker.

‘‘Finally, the croc sort of gave in and the snake had uncoiled for a little while and had a brief break and then actually started to consume the crocodile.’’

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