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When most people think about adventure travel – they imagine themselves jumping off bridges, out of planes, hiking through rarely touched forests, and so on. But what about if you have children? It changes things up a lot – which is why I decided that on a family holiday to Perth region, Western Australia, with my 4 yr old and 2 yr old, I’d test some of the local activities and destinations  just to show that Adventure With Kids IS possible – and its a whole lot of fun.

So Friday we flew over from Brisbane – a 5.5 hour flight where Miss 4 was great. She sat and calmly watched TV, ate food, and just chilled. Mr 2 was pretty good as well, but started to get restless about 2 hours before landing – then finally fell asleep 15 minutes before landing (as is always the case).

We arrived in Perth, picked up our hire car and headed to our hotel for the next 5 nights. That afternoon we found a great pub near the hotel where we feasted on delicious pork belly with fried rice; before having an early night at the hotel getting used to the time zone change.

Early morning and we headed out to Fremantle for the day. Went to the Fremantle Markets for a walk around, had a look at the prison (but no time to stop off), and then we headed to the beach where we caught up with Tom from Go Surf Perth. Rob was in the midst of a surfing lesson on what can only be described as a windy, freezing day! But that didn’t stop the groups of people from hitting the surf for their first time – and it certainly didn’t stop Miss 4 and Mr 2 from going into the surf themselves – getting dunked, soaked, frozen and having a fantastic laugh!

Everyone had a great time and the smiles on the faces as everyone caught their first wave was awesome. We got some great pics and would definitely recommend Go Surf for surfing lessons in Perth – they made it all look so easy!

Went to a little brewery in Fremantle for drinks and dinner, then back to Perth. Today we’re off to a local park for a family reunion – and tomorrow morning we’re heading out with Rivergods for a family kayaking adventure – Canning River Half Day Tour. Can’t wait!!

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